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Islamic Cleansing Sertu Services

Islamic Cleansing or Sertu or Samak is for the cleansing that involves the highest level of impurity or severe najs (najs mughallazah) in Islam Laws that concerns contamination (or in physical contact) from dogs, pigs and its descendant. Shariah sertu cleansing protocol and procedures are outlined in accordance with Islamic rulings stated in the Holy Quran on precisely how ritual cleansing should be carried out to cleanse and purify all taints and contamination from the three types of najs.

Sertu or Islamic cleansing requires the use of water as the base element for washing and cleansing. The conditions of the water must be natural (mutlak) and must be free from najs.

The process of sertu is to cleanse (wash) the affected area or parts 7 times where 1 wash using mutlak water mixed with soil and 6 washes with mutlak water.

Fazlink Solutions Pte. Ltd.

1 Common Bedroom - $140

1 Master Bedroom - $160

1 Living Room - $180

Kitchen - $250

Kitchen + Living Room - $400

BBQ Pit - $80

Fridge / Oven - $120

Entire House:

HDB 2Room - $340

HDB 3Room / Studio Apt - $350

HDB 4Room / Condo 2 Bedroom (Max 2 Toilets) - $400

HDB 5Room / Condo 3 Bedroom (Max 3 Toilets) -$450

Maisonette / Pent House - $550

Site visit quotation for Office, Chalet, Food Stall, Restaurant, Penthouse, Semi D, Landed or Bungalow.

For further enquiries or booking for appointment, do contact us at our mobile

Faz - 92706576

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