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Our Story

We are locally owned and operated, not a franchise or large corporation so you will get that personalised cleaning that you deserve. There is nothing worse than wasting money on a sub standard cleaning, which commonly happens with low priced cleaning companies. They rely on heavy upsell or need to rush to the next one. We do limited cleaning's so that we can focus on doing the highest quality job possible.

  Our main value is the service we provide for our customers. Our simple philosophy of doing the best job possible is why so many people are raving about the work we do.  

   FazLink Solutions offers residential and commercial cleaning solutions that focus on quality and efficiency.

Through detailed consultations, itemised assessment reports and quotations, prompt and professional service delivery, excellent management and training systems, quality controls, and superior customer service, FazLink Solutions aims to make every clients a top priority. FazLink Solutions is privately owned and all team members share in a dedication to provide the best service possible.

   FazLink Solutions wants to not only earn your business, but to earn your continued business. FazLink operates with the understanding that our success is based upon the relationships we cultivate and foster with our clients. We would like to introduce you and your organisation to the FazLink experience. Here, at FazLink Solutions, you will enjoy a level of service that cannot be found anywhere else.

   Your FazLink experience will begin with a Free No-Obligation Consultation with one of our knowledgeable sales directors. We will then do a detailed walk through inspection of the location in order to assess all of your service needs. From this inspection, a detailed site inspection report will be developed along with an estimate for the cost of service. Each site inspection report and estimate is created with the goal of providing you with the most efficient, cost effective service possible, at the highest quality.  

Once a plan is place, FazLink's skilled staff will exceute the required duties with excellence and consistency. FazLink Solutions provides all its clients with superior customer service and guranteed quality control. Calling FazLink with questions and/or concerns will always be a pleasant experience.

Call us today to set up a free no-obligation consultation:

Office: (65) 31385057

Mobile: (65) 92706576

Email us at:


Why Us?

Here are 10 reasons why you should reach out to us for your home or business cleaning needs:

1. We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

2. We Are an Insured, Licensed, and Bonded Business

3. Our Staff Is Friendly and Professional

4. We Always Show Up to Appointments On Time

5. All Employees Have Received a Background Check

6. We Listen to Your Needs

7. We Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

8. We Offer Free Quotes With No Obligation

9. We Have Affordable Prices

10. We Provide Flexible Pay Schedules; You Pay When We Clean

Our Mission

Our mission at FazLink Solutions is to provide you with the best quality cleaning, the most outstanding service and to make you extremely satisfied customer. 

Our Vision

Our vision is:

RESPECT - We promise to respect everything that you have entrusted to us.

RESPONSIBILITY - We take full responsibility for everything we are doing.

TEAMWORK - FazLink Solutions and its customers work as a team. Together, we strive to make your home a better place to live.

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